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WIGO GROUP today is a large production and construction company, starting its history in the distant 1934.

----------  1934  ---------- 

 It was this year that Franz Roth founded the small carpentry company ROTH. Later the company passed to Mr. Ernst Roth and since 1945 began to expand.

----------  1957  ---------- 

In 1957, the family business expanded and the company became a pioneer in the field of prefabricated houses. Since 1960, a promising direction for the production of prefabricated houses has been singled out and is beginning its development path. So on the market appears WIGO-HAUS, which at that time is building one of the first high-quality prefabricated houses in Austria.

----------  1993  ---------- 

In 1993, a new modern WIGO HAUS plant was built. At its own production facilities, occupying an area of ​​2500 m², annually produced up to 200 prefabricated houses of the highest quality, using the most modern production methods. 

----------  2000  ---------- 

Thus, by the beginning of the 2000s, more than 3000 prefabricated houses WIGO HAUS were built all over the world. The quality was quickly appreciated, and the geography of the constructed houses stretched from Austria and Italy, to Germany, Switzerland and Russia. 

----------  2017  ---------- 

In 2017 Wigo Group took over ownership of the company and all equipment and  technologies were transported to factory in Latvia.

----------  2018  ---------- 

In 2018, all equipment were reinstalled, modernized, and complete product restructuring done and factory launched keeping technology, production culture and quality



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